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@Proton_Jon @Lucahjin Well it can’t be any weirder than the dates the Fandom made of you, Robocop, Wesker, Emil and BomberMan all as lovers. 0 replies 0 retweets 0 likes Reply.

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You’ve happened upon the kooky livestream place where I do my live crap! Variety Games TeaTime hangout! We try to keep things relatively normal but it never works, so if you’re easily offended or very young, you may want to get permission to watch!

Tweet with a location. You can add location information to your Tweets, such as your city or precise location, from the web and via third-party applications.

He displays a teddy bear in his home that he apparently received as a gift from his mother. He’s still embarrassed about it. The Friend Nobody Likes: Although Molly gets along with him, as does Emile towards the end of the Welcome amiibo return. Arguably towards the end of the Welcome amiibo update. He eventually does show a nicer side, particularly after she leaves.

Chuggaa’s first farewell letter to him threatens him with dire consequences should he do anything to hurt Molly. Why Chugga hates him. At least at first. To Rocco and Fang. He’s tamed down a bit by the time Hopper shows up, though. Jerk with a Heart of Gold:

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Trivia Only two female participants have been featured in the Hardcore series so far, Lucahjin and Dodger. The first episode of Minecraft Hardcore 1 is the most watched Hardcore episode, and was the first episode of the series to surpass 1 million views. So far, the only other episode to surpass 1 million is the first episode of Minecraft Hardcore 2. Diablo 3 Hardcore, despite having 14 announcement videos by PBG and other Hardcore members, has since been unlisted on Polaris.

Each season of Terraria Hardcore uses a different theme: Terraria Hardcore 1 and 2 are the only seasons that end in failure which don’t feature ProJared.

Apasionadas dating kylie jenner. Pso-World is a guinness pro14 who is lucahjin dating members and just sign! Lemuel, rates, the same personal rides and explore here is the gang have joined other cultures.

Edit After losing an uncle to heart disease, Lucahjin and her followers raised a large sum of money during a Let’s Play Twitch. The event also occurred over Twitch. Lucahjin is a huge supporter of ablegamers. Because of her own physical disabilities not often publicly spoken about , she is able to really connect with their mission on an emotional level. Fun Facts Edit She has a Pokemon kigurumi collection At MomoCon , she climbed over a massive setup of roping during an autograph signing because security cut off the line, and a couple of fans began to cry.

She hugged each one, signed their items, and took selfies with them right then and there. She is such a big fan of Taco Bell that they have sent her merchandise. Even though she owns both FNaF 1 and 2 she refuses to play them due to them being too scary, she mentions this multiple times on streams. As of September 2, she is engaged to ProtonJon. He proposed at PAX West. Congats to Auntie Lucah and Jon!

Humor Off-color humor, such as intentionally misconstruing innocuous things as euphemisms for sexual things.


Well since you said please, okay. Here’s the full, unabridged story between myself and Sydney as accurately as I remember it. I was a really shy and reserved kid who rarely spoke unless spoken to first; my only friend was my next door neighbor – Jack Long – and he was in grade 3 so we weren’t even in the same class.

Anyways, a few days into the school year, a new girl came into our class, a shy young girl named Sydney Fairfield. No one really seemed to pay her any mind and she seemed to be having a really tough time making friends.

Welcome! Think of me as your weird, older sister that’s reliving all the games she missed out on in her life! Help me play through a million games for the fi Views: 29K.

Tears streamed down his face and he cried out and apologised. He hiccuped when he tried to talk, and only wept and sobbed louder when Josh would gently pat him on the back. Just all the hurt, sadness, and anger that was kept inside him exploded. When ever he was hurt or angry, he would cry. It would help him release out his emotions.

He could not do that alone right now, though. He needed some support, and Josh was the only one that could give it to him right now. It was like any day at PAX East, but right when he got that text from his girlfriend, he knew something was wrong. All of his world crumbled right when he read the text his girlfriend sent him. The news was shocking since the two ere so happily together.

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Lucahjin, real name Reese Carrie Wheeler (née Dressler), is a Let’s Player from New England. She currently resides in Calgary. She currently resides in Calgary. She became widely known after her Let’s Plays of the Barbie Horse Adventure Series, which co-starred JoshJepson.

I think it could have something to do with the phones. When I met her I was sort off intimidated as she was pretty and only 28years old Russian. Im thinking about ending it because hes older 10 years and doesnt seem to get it. Have seen this guy now 3 years.. It really define men and women brelationship, I think. Telling me he cant wait til she lets him take the kids on his own..

It is so disrespectful and hurtful. I cooly asked him what that was about. Are you ready to try online dating? I dont feel Id be able to just pick up his laptop when its conveniently there and use it. Rune Factory Tides Of Destiny Dating Guide After weeks of talking, texting, and skyping; We met, took a walk in the park, around a lake, fed the squirrels. Not someone who walks on you.

Barbie Horse Adventures Riding Camp -1- TANK CONTROLLED HORSES.