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Silverman April 06, Rooney, who had been in ill health for some time, passed away on Sunday, TMZ reports. According to the Associated Press, he was surrounded by family at his North Hollywood home, police said. A genuine showbiz legend whose career, like his personal life, was often likened to a roller-coaster, Rooney was multi-talented, eight-times married and many times written off, only to land back on his feet again and again. And while many of his personal tales were fanciful — Mickey Mouse was not named after him, despite his claim — movie fans adored Rooney and respected filmmakers idolized his sizeable gifts, which were sometimes likened to genius. At 17, he first played Andy Hardy, the all-American boy next door, in what would ultimately become a movie series. Eight Marriages Offscreen, Rooney was already far from being the boy next door. In the process, he had nine children, two stepchildren and four grandchildren.

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Share shares Kickboxer star Jean Claude, who had clearly worked up a sweat at the famous Venice Beach gym, waited until he was outside before whipping off him shirt to reveal his still impressive midsection. Sporting a pair of rectangle framed sunglasses and not much else, the martial artist turned actor looked in fine fettle for a man approaching Kickboxer star Van Damme, who had clearly worked up a sweat at the Venice Beach gym, waited until he was outside before whipping off him shirt to reveal his still impressive midsection as he joined his pal Jean Claude, who made his name in the late Eighties and Nineties with a catalogue of high kicking flicks including Blood Sports and Double Impact, showcased his bulging biceps and pert pectorals while cooling off from his session.

Jean Claude also enjoyed a career reassurance of late taking leading roles in blockbuster Expendables franchise as well as his own satirical flick JCVD. Once famed for his pretty boy looks, Mickey left Hollywood to pursue a career in boxing in the Nineties.

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You’re as welcome as can be! This site is dedicated to the original Mickey Mouse Club Show of the ‘s, the first television show for, by, and about kids. But first the commercial: All textual content is either from published sources or the opinions of the webmaster. The copyright holder for all images may be assumed to be The Walt Disney Company, and no infringement of rights is intended by their display. To open the new year here’s a lesser known third season FWM Day skit for the feature video.

Your webmaster’s prediction for is that this video, like so many others from this site, will sooner or later find its way to a certain YouTube channel December 2nd, Randall Nakashima has favored us once again with a Lost Episode having a strong tie-in to a well-known Disney animated short For the feature video there is a second season Circus Day equestrian act, The Platos Watch Karen Pendleton learn about animation in Karen in Kartoonland

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Early life. Born Michael DeVinko in Garfield, New Jersey on September 24, , Deans was the youngest of three children of Mary and Michael DeVinko. He grew up in a musical family, playing the piano and accordion. “My parents encouraged him to be a musician, ” recalls his sister, Caroline Tassely.

Menus The celebration of Mickey’s color capers continues in this second volume of shorts — from “Society Dog Show” in to his last short, “The Simple Things,” in — and feature film appearances, giving you a decidedly colorful history of the most famous mouse in the world. This outstanding review of Mickey’s color career spotlights some very special features, including his groundbreaking performance in “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice. Featuring exclusive introductions by film historian Leonard Maltin.

Society Dog Show, The Pointer Mouse Takes a Trip Mickey’s Birthday Party, Symphony Hour Mickey’s Delayed Date Mickey Down Under, Mickey and the Seal Plutopia, R’Coon Dawg Pluto’s Party, Pluto’s Christmas Tree From that point on nobody could hold him back, and the much loved cranky character went on to be the most prolific of Walt’s “fabulous five.

This is the second half of the Disneyland episode, A Story of Dogs , which was aired as part of a promotion for Lady and the Tramp the making of which the first half of this episode covers. The second half of this episode talks about Disney’s first canine star, using a picture book, from which Pluto leaps and into which Pluto looks while Walt narrates and we get a look at some of the highlights of Pluto’s career. This is a mini-biography about “the man behind the mutt”: Norman Ferguson , who helped bring the dog to life.

This talks about Ferguson not only creating Pluto, but also some of the other things at Disney he did. Galleries Pluto On Paper:

The Mickey Mouse universe is a fictional shared universe which is the setting for stories involving Disney cartoon characters Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Pluto, Goofy, Donald Duck and many other characters. The universe originated from the Mickey Mouse animated short films produced by Disney starting in , but its first consistent version was created by Floyd Gottfredson in the Mickey Mouse.

Getty Images Tears and Terror: Instead, he endured beatings, humiliation and poverty at the hands of his eighth wife and one of her sons, both accused today of elder abuse and destroying a legend. This story first appeared in the Oct. To receive the magazine, click here to subscribe. Mickey Rooney shrieks in pain. It’s July , inside The Grill on the Alley in Thousand Oaks, and in the midst of an interview with one of the authors of this piece, the diminutive year-old has been kicked under the table by his eighth wife, Jan, as confirmed by his stepson, Chris Aber, who also is at the table.

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He first appeared alongside Donald in Disney ‘s animated feature film Saludos Amigos. He represents every aspect of the typical Brazilian. He is smart, friendly and always in a good mood. From the end of the Second World War until , American films were not allowed to be exported to Occupied Europe, which included Disney cartoons. He is portrayed as a ladies’ man, enjoys parties, and carries around an umbrella wherever he goes, using it like a cane; he can also use it as a musical instrument, such as a flute, guitar or trombone.

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Although Mickey’s stories included the character Pete , who was created in , the world in which Mickey lives holds a continuity largely independent from earlier films. An exception to this was the reintroduction of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit in with the release of Epic Mickey. In , Disney began a newspaper strip called Mickey Mouse which greatly expanded Mickey’s world which was already well-known from the animated cartoons.

The stories then became a work of collaborative fiction with different writers working in different mediums. This sometimes caused continuity discrepancies. For example, while Mickey and his friends largely live in the same contemporary setting, they sometimes appear in exotic settings including period pieces Brave Little Tailor , The Nifty Nineties and fantasy films Fantasia , Fun and Fancy Free.

The only string theory I understand involves the string they stretch from home plate down the left- and right-field lines to help the crew apply lime. It reads more like sports talk radio and occasionally like a box score, which is fine for this topic. And while I quickly lose interest in statistics, they are important here. Baseball, more than any of the other major sports, connects intimately with its realm of statistics. The Hall of Fame numbers that Mantle put up in his 18 big league seasons and Mays did in his 22 speak unequivocally to their greatness.

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