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Around the holiday season we get a lot of e-mails from readers agonizing over what TV to buy. With the economy the way it is, consumers aren’t completely shying away from buying new TVs, but they’re on tight budgets and appear to be predominantly interested screen sizes 52 inches or smaller. The big problem with going bigger is that you jump into a whole new price class when you start looking at the Panasonic inch plasma–and it gets worse when you check out Pioneer’s incher. Samsung But rear-projection is a dying breed, right? Or, as one reader commented, “Everyone seems to be getting out of the rear-projection market. What happens if Samsung completely kills it? Will they service my TV?

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Alas, Woe is Me An unhappy rabbit will usually lay its ears back with the openings down, and turn itself either to the side or toward you nervously. The farther back the ears fall, the more unhappiness is indicated. This differs from other ear-back signals, which require that the rabbit firmly face toward you anger , crouch or turn sideways with ear openings turned sideways fear , or pointedly turn its back insult.

A more mild signal of unhappiness or even some anger is having one ear facing backward and one forward, or one ear down and one up. These usually indicate a rabbit that is less than happy, but sometimes for only vaguely defined reasons. A little grooming or a raisin gift can often turn that frown upside down.

Nov 21,  · However this I do know.. Rabbit ears are very useful if you are close enough to the transmitter(s) however most RV parks,,,, are a long, long way from the towers. Home is where I park it. once you hook up the ota antenna go to the menu on dish receiver select system set up,then local channels, you will then come up with a scan channels,when.

Karen Cuneo Ramirez is one of my favorite person when it comes to practical music theory http: ChuckO You seem to know theory but it seems odd that you are looking at actual chords and their frequency and not the chords relationship to the scale which would seem to me to be more relevant. Although it would be interesting if hit songs in the key of C were prevalent especially if the singers tended to sing in a particular range.

ChuckO By range I mean octave. ChuckO And I meant the root chord to a minor 6 chord not root to minor 4 chord. This is why I transposed all the songs to the key of C. I do disagree about common understanding of Roman Numerals for chords though. For all jazz, blues, rock and folk players and for all composers Roman numerals for chord are standard.

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The answer is simple. Purchase a specialized antenna designed to pick up over the air broadcasting from the local HDTV stations in your area. It will vary widely based on your location. In some cases if you are in remote locations you may not get even one station. The parts necessary to get free RV TV from your local stations are quite simple: Installation is equally simple:

In part two of our series on how to hook up your new HDTV, we cover the details on how to connect new and existing components to your HDTV in order to get the best possible picture (and sound) quality. By “good UHF antenna” I don’t mean rabbit ears. Rabbit ears actually only work on VHF signals (the old analog channels ). UHF antennas.

Ultimately, I went with the Mohu Sky 60 and my family loves it. However, different situations may require different TV antennas. This article will consider those variables and help you chose the best TV antenna for you or your family. First, you will need to get a signal report to see which channels are available to you. To discover the signal power in your area use this great tool from tvfool.

Once you enter your address, you should receive a signal report like the one below. The channel that you see on your TV is the virtual channel. Stations do this to keep their channel brand while broadcasting on a higher powered virtual channel. Many things can cause signal loss and I cover that later in the article.

Will rabbit ears work for the over

Steve Waltke is an engineer who lives in Michigan. He enjoys do-it-yourself projects around the house. He concluded that what he learned from one of his recent activities might prove useful to others who still use rabbit ears or an antenna for television reception. This is what he says: After doing research and setting up several digital TV conversion boxes, I thought I would share what I have learned about setting up equipment for receiving digital television broadcasts.

I find if I do so desire to “fiddle with my rabbit ears,” I get even more channels. I live right in the Jersey Suburbs of NYC, so I can pick up NJ and NY channels. The converter box has RCA hook-ups. I hook up the cables this way: (1) Bunny ears to digital converter box using co-axial cable; (2) Converter box to TiVo DVR using RCA.

However, they also work well with FM radios, as these antennas possess the same reception characteristics required for FM radio reception. Not only are they a cost-effective alternative to the [More] Category: The output from the digital converter box can be saved to the recorder’s hard di [More] Category: Rabbit ear antennas have limited reception compared to outdoor antennas. There are however some things you can do to improve the recep [More] Category: Factors such as building construction, interference from nearby electronic equipment, and topography can all affect the quality of the signal.

You can [More] Category: Once you have you [More] Category: These digital video cameras record video content onto digital video tapes or hard drives.

What is a Converter Box and where can I buy one

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While the old rabbit ears worked well, they looked awful. I bought an RCA flat antenna and it only had a 25 mile range and we lost one of the major networks. Retuned that one and hooked up the rabbit ears .

Rabbit lives in the Hundred Acre Wood , and—despite his frustration with the residents’ antics—is a cherished member in Winnie the Pooh ‘s circle of friends. Contents [ show ] Background Rabbit lives in a large tree in the Hundred Acre Wood, surrounded by an expansive vegetable garden. When not adventuring with Pooh and the others, Rabbit mainly spends his time either tending to his crops, or indulging in some of his other hobbies like reading and cleaning.

He is also a harvester of honey, which often leads to unwanted visits from a hungry Pooh Bear. Rabbit is unique in that he is traditionally portrayed as a real animal, rather than a stuffed toy like Pooh, Piglet or Tigger. As such, he lacks stitches and has noticeable, animalistic features such as fur and whiskers. His movements are also more realistic, in contrast to the stiff movement of Pooh—a character stuffed with fluff.

Despite this, he has occasionally been referred to as a toy belonging to Christopher Robin in some Winnie the Pooh media, the most notable of which being ” How Much is That Rabbit in the Window “. Despite being one of the more mature characters in the Hundred Acre Wood, Rabbit is extremely accident-prone, and he is regularly met with misfortune to some degree.

The most frequent example of this comes in the form of Tigger, who is perhaps Rabbit’s most frequent nuisance—mainly due to Tigger’s habit of pouncing Rabbit at unsuspectedly. Personality Rabbit is arguably the most complex character in the Winnie the Pooh films. At his core, Rabbit is good-hearted and well-meaning. He enjoys the “finer things in life”, such as gardening, tea time, and ice-skating in the winter.


Pay attention to the way your corset is tied when you receive it, this is the way you will tie it when you put your corset on. The corset is laced using “rabbit ears”. The lacing is one continuous piece with long loops in the center that are what you will use to tie in the center back.

Rabbit ears are cheap. Strap them to your chimney, or climb a tree and place them carefully according to the reception data your friend yells out the window to you. Rabbit ears are not intended to be placed outside, as they will deteriorate to the point of uselessness.

That requires two different types of antennas, or a dual antenna that can receive both types of signals. If you have two different types of antennas, you can hook them together to make your channel hopping easier. Connecting two antennas can also help improve the reception of signals. Before you connect them together, find out what type of antennas you are using. If you are using directional antennas, you will need to find what direction to point them for optimal performance.

Antenna Setup Set up your antennas according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Keep in mind antennas create their own electrical field that can interfere with each other. This can cause ghosting and other effects.

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After hooking up a converter box to your analog TV set, you will need to scan also known as “auto-tune” for new channels to ensure you receive all of the digital stations broadcasting in your area. While some boxes do this automatically, you may need to select scan manually. You should rescan on a periodic basis to get all of the digital programming available.

How do I Perform a Channel Scan? Run the “scan” function on your converter box, usually on the remote control, labeled “set-up” or “menu” or some similar term. Once the scan is complete, you should be receiving digital channels through your antenna or rabbit ears.

Jul 27,  · Can I hook up my old rabbit ears to it? It doesn’t look like the connection will fit to the converter box. Reply. EscapeVelocity Moderator,, Webmaster of EV’s Antenna Blog. Jul 26, #2. Jul 26, #2. Yes you can, you may need a matching transformer balun .

A lot of great content is accessible via the Internet, from sources like YouTube, Netflix, iTunes, and others. But will your old antenna work with modern, digital TV? In our case, the antenna was a large, s multi-directional behemoth that was hanging in our attic, unused for decades. However, my dad remembered it working quite well for analog TV, before cable was available in our area, so we decided it was worth the risk to try wiring it back up.

For TV wiring, it converts old ohm twin-lead wire to new ohm coaxial wire. If you have existing twin-lead wiring in good condition run to your TV, you can just use a balun where the twin-lead ends and a short length of coax to connect it to the TV. Otherwise, coaxial generally holds up better. There are many arguments about twin-lead vs. The Antenna The first step in connecting the antenna to the TV is first getting to the antenna. Our antenna uses two bolts with wing nuts to hold the twin leads.

This is where we attached the balun.

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Are you sure that you want to delete this answer? Yes Sorry, something has gone wrong. If your in an area that has good strong signals from the local stations, and they look pretty clear on your analog tv, then a simple pair of rabbit ears will probably work fine. An RF signal the signal that carries the tv station is still just an RF signal, doesn’t matter if what that RF signal is carrying is digital or analog. There is nothing special or different about an antenna that makes it work better with a digital or analog signal.

All the bunny hats I’ve seen have the ears flopped over. I think they’re reall cute that way. All the bunny hats I’ve seen have the ears flopped over. I think they’re reall cute that way. I have someone wanting me to make them with the ears up, grr! I think floppy is cute too. Maybe a heavy wire.

If you have an HD television or analog to digital converter, you don’t need any special equipment to use rabbit ears to receive a television signal. All you have to do is plug in a pair of rabbit ears and search for local stations. You don’t need rabbit ears if you have a cable or satellite subscription or an outdoor antenna, but in an emergency or if you don’t want to spend money on cable, rabbit ears may just be the answer for you.

Clarity Digital television is basically feast or famine. If you have a strong enough signal, you will have a clear sharp picture. If not, you have nothing. With digital, there are no more erratic, fuzzy pictures caused by weak signals. You either have a picture and sound or you don’t. Rabbit ears will pick up a digital TV signal just fine with no modification. To improve the signal from your rabbit ears, you can add a signal booster that connects between the antenna and TV and kicks the rabbit ears signal up to a strength where your TV can resolve the station.

A signal booster may give you a surprising number of extra stations, especially if you live near a large metropolitan area with a lot of stations. More Stations One of the side benefits of the new digital signal standard is that broadcasters can slice up their licensed chunk of the digital spectrum into subchannels. A station on channel 4 might also have a digital substation on 4.

Many of the new channels are high definition stations with crisp, clear HD signals on network stations.

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