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Is there any bench top inspection I can do on the turbo? Any turbo tips while the turbo is off the car? Take the oil return tube and make it spotless. Any blockage from oil gunk has to be removed. Some turbo shops recommend replacing it; their warranty is void if you don’t! Do the same with the oil supply line. An automotive machine shop vat is a good way to make sure they’re clean, or a good soak in carb cleaner. Check the rotating assembly by spinning it by hand; it should rotate freely.


Originally posted by Stuart B Sounds like its wired to a switched 12V not a permanent. I didn’t hook up the E-Brake or the speedo wire. I just unplugged the keylock harness, plugged in the HKS harness and plugged the other harness into it thats it. It works just like that.

Jan 05,  · just hook up the ebrake wire and be done with it. you may want to look around for the guide on wiring up the car so the alarm works with the turbo timer properly, other than that, you’re fine. – .

Most common housings for this turbo are 0. This is a good turbo if you have an automatic, and can be daily driven. Somewhat bigger than the TS04, this turbo can make rwhp. It requires an upgraded fuel system. Capable of making rwhp, the T66 is a bigger turbo yet, this is probably as big a turbo as I would recommend for the street, it makes full boost right around rpm on most cars, a significant amount of lag, but not horrendous… full boost being 1.

Slightly bigger than the T66, the T70 is probably not a streetable turbo. Lag is a couple hundred rpm more than the T66, power output ranges from rwhp… perhaps a bit more with headwork… This is a nice turbo for drag racing. These turbos are only good for drag cars for the most part, lag is far more than smaller turbos, power outputs are from rwhp.

These twin turbos are used on the UPRD supra, and used in single form on quite a few different cars. Probably the most common twin turbos used on supras, this kit is large, and the turbos have a fair amount of lag, they make full boost in the rpm range, perhaps a bit higher. Again, on the upper limit of streetability. Somewhat bigger than the T78, the T88 has close to rwhp capability, although I would imagine it makes full boost close to rpm, so a built motor is almost a certainty with this turbo… not too expensive but its not too usable on most supras so…Blitz: The blitz single turbo uses a K27 turbo and is capable of right around rwhp… spools somewhat faster than a T66, and the kit is well made, but you need to modify it to work on the US spec supra, pain in the ass to do.

How To Make Your Subaru Turbo Last

Turbo what ever they all do the same thing unless yours is a full auto or auto timer which means that when set to a certain mode i. If your timer has serveral save settings you can program i always have one set for 5 minutes for track and race days or if you’ve driven you car really hard that day. These are not needed for a basic install.

I stress that e-brake hook up is not needed but i highly recommend because it’s a safety feature. Other then monitor your speed the speed signal wire is also a safety feature. When connected if someone bypasses the e-brake wire the timer uses the speed signal to sense if the car starts to move and kills the car.

The guys over at Turbo Timer Companion Lite set me up with a TTCL to try. When your turbo timer times out, the TTCL will lock your doors and set your alarm. It can also easily be set to close your windows and your sunroof as well.

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When a diesel engine idles it actually cools off unlike a gas motor , diesel engines are not efficient when they are cool and incomplete combustion occurs resulting in deposits forming in the cylinders, on the valve stems leading to sticking valves , EGR valve, VGT turbo vanes etc. Also do to the low engine temperatures as a result of extended idling, there is more unburned fuel which can wash down the cylinder walls and end up in the crankcase, diluting the oil and reducing the oils lubrication properties.

If you are going to idle your PSD for 10 minutes or more at a time you should do so at an elevated idle, to help eliminate these problems.

The turbo timer green wire must be connected to the vehicle parking brake wire or earthed directly for the timer to operate. If the vehicle has electric radiator fans (mainly petrol engines) ensure that they can operate during the idle period if required.

If your system is properly grounded, you likely now have current traveling across all sorts of fun things, like your gas and water pipes. If a gap develops in the grounding path, your timer might stop working till someone accidentally completes the circuit and shocks the heck out of themselves at the same time. Disconnect the timer ASAP and wire the old switch back in. While you’re at it, relabel the white wire with a bit of electrical tape or a Sharpie.

Use any color other than white, gray, or green. What you have is a switch loop. The hot loops out from the fixture, through the switch, and then comes back to the fixture to connect to neutral. A smart switch like your timer needs to use power, not just interrupt it, so it needs a neutral of its own. You need to get it that neutral; one way would be to replace the 2-wire cable coming from the existing fixture with a 3-wire cable.

The fixture neutral and new cable neutral would be spliced together with the existing neutral in the fixture box.

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What oil filter do you advise using? Thanks… Bob Kratchet May 6, at 4: Many turbo cars operate with no filter in the union screw and their turbos last a long time. Rich from Delaware December 26, at 6:

Instructions on How to Install the Blitz Dual Turbo Timer By Harry Yamashita [email protected] Due to many of the members’ requests for instructions on the installation of the Blitz Dual Turbo Timer, I have decided to up this DIY up on the web.

Sorry, but that is required to make this work. Actually, you just need power coming into the timer switch box. You could connect it to another existing outlet or other power source, if that’s easier than running a new cable all the way back to the main breaker box. Watch that you don’t overload that circuit, but 3 outdoor lights aren’t likely to do that. Or you could find whichever one of the 3 lights has the power cable coming into it from the breaker box probably the one closest to the switch and run a second cable from that down to the timer switch location, so that you have the power there.

That may be easier than running a new cable back to the breaker box. It all depends on where these boxes are located in your house, and what is easier to get to inside your walls, with the least amount of tearing things up. You basically need power to come into the timer switch box, so that the timer has power always, to keep time. In the old circuit, only 1 half of the V power came into that box, because that was all the switch needed to turn the lights on or off.

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Small Flat Head screwdriver if using Strip Connectors Silicon To extend the life of your turbo the 1KZ-TE engine manual recommends idling the engine for between 20 seconds and 2 minutes, depending on how hard the engine has been driven. Rather than sitting in my wagon looking like a fool I decided I’d put a turbo timer in to take take care of this. I picked up a 2nd hand turbo timer from a local vehicle dismantler.

The unit is an old Greddy one, and is very basic.

Jul 16,  · Well I got myself a HKS turbo timer the other day and I’d really like to use it on my truck and save my turbos. Anyone ever hardwire one up to their Powerstroke?

I bought the wiring harness optional with the HKS, and highly recommended. This made it a breeze. Many thanks to the two list members who were willing to disassemble their vehicles and look at where their HKS timer wires hooked into the ignition switch wires to assist me in identifying the proper wire color codes.

I couldn’t find any web posting for this procedure; all installation pages said use the RX-7 specific harness which was not available. For those about to undertake this project and also do not have the RX-7 specific harness, I post the wire connection procedure. Connect the 12V red wire from the Greddy timer to the black wire with the green stripe on the [3] ignition harness.

How to Install a Turbo Timer